Aadhar link to PAN Card in 5 minutes | Check your status in 2023

What is Aadhar PAN link deadline?

The deadline or last date to link aadhar to PAN is now extended till 30th June 2023.  The previous last date was 31.03.2023. The ministry of finance issued a press release to extend this date further on 28.03.2023. However, a fine of Rs. 1000/- must be paid while linking the PAN card with Aadhar. The late fee is not waived.

Therefore, now 30.06.2023 is the last date to link your aadhar with pan card.  If you see this page on a later date then your aadhar pan link and the last date must have already gone. So, first of all, you need to check your link status. Thereafter, you can initiate further, if not already linked.

Is aadhar linking is mandatory or not?

Aadhar linking to pan card is mandatory for filing your Income tax return and other purposes like opening a bank account. Also, the bank may put a restriction on withdrawals and depositing money, if the PAN is not valid. According to the order dt.30.06.2018 and Section 139aa of the Income Tax Act, 1961 of Central Board of Direct Taxes, it is mandatory to link the Aadhaar-PAN, where PAN card holders requiring to file the income tax return.

About Linking Process

Still not linked your aadhar card with Pan card ?..No problem.   Now you can link your aadhar card to pan card in just 5 minutes.  Also, you can know your aadhar pan link status in just 1 minute.  So, Here is the 5 minutes process to connect your aadhar linking to pan card.

First, we check the status of your pan card whether it is linked or not.  Thereafter, if the aadhar is not linked with pan card then we see how to connect it online.

Aadhar PAN Link Status Check

It takes less than 30 seconds to check your aadhar pan link status. Therefore, you must check your status, before 30th June 2021. Follow the below steps to check the status process:

  1. Type https://www.incometax.gov.in in your internet browser and hit enter
new e filing portal picture

2. Click on Link Aadhar as shown below

click on link aadhar status

3. On the Next Screen Enter your 11 digit PAN(Permanent Account Number) as it appears on the PAN card.

3. Enter your 12 digit Aadhar Number as it appears on Aadhar Card.

4. Click on “View Link Aadhar Status”

That’s it, if your aadhar card is already linked with PAN card you will see below success message.

link confirmation message picture

However, if aadhar is not linked with PAN then you will see “not linked” message.  You can follow below steps to connect “Aadhar link to PAN Card”  in just 5 minutes.

Aadhar Link to PAN Card Online

Please follow these fast steps to link your aadhar card with PAN on the new efilng portal.   Thus, you will have aadhar linking to PAN card in no time.  Similarly, linking process without login is now possible. Kindly ensure that you have valid PAN, Aadhar Number and Active mobile number before proceeding to these steps.

1.Visit at https://www.incometax.gov.in/.(Official website)

2. Click on “Login” button and sign in into your account.

3. You will see an option “Link Aadhar to PAN” on your dashboard. You can also find this link by clicking on “My profile” link.

e filing dashboard picture

4. After Clicking on the link, enter the details like PAN, aadhar number, name as per aadhar, mobile number, date of birth as per PAN, gender as per PAN, etc.

5. Click to select option “I have only year of birth in Aadhar Card“, only if you have only year of birth in your Aadhar Card. If you complete date of birth, you should not select this option.

6. Click on “I agree to validate my Aadhar details“(Mandatory)

7. Click on “Link Aadhar” button.

8. You will receive 6 digit OTP on your mobile. Enter the OTP and Click on Validate button. If you are following the linking process after login then you will not be asked for OTP. This is only if you are performing the linking process without login into the efiling portal.

You will see a success message, that your aadhar will be successfully linked with PAN.   

Unable to Link?

In few cases where Aadhaar name is completely different from the name in PAN, then the linking aadhar with PAN will fail.  Also, the system will prompt you to change the name in either Aadhaar or in PAN database.   You may refer our article to understand the meaning of  ” PAN not matched with CBDT” database. 

If you face this error you may have to either change your name in Aadhar card or in PAN card to resolve Aadhar linking issue with PAN.

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