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If you come across the error “Failed to Establish Connection to the server. Kindly restart the emsigner” while signing your GST return or application with DSC, then you may try the following. This is an emsigner error you get if you are filing your GSTR return with a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). Similarly, you can also resolve the error from this solution. Since the GST portal is updating time time the settings also vary from time to time. Therefore, we have revised the below instructions for March 2024.

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However, if you are a regular GST return filer and if you see the error again in next month, then you may directly go to point no. 5 to check if the emsigner is running. This may resolve your issue without following other steps.

The above error occurs because earlier the emsigner was using the port “1645” (https://127.0 0.1:1645).  But now the new version of emsigner is using the port “1585” (, thus raising the said problem.

Solution for Internet Explorer (

These steps are going to resolve emsigner error or DSC error in GST for Internet Explorer. Kindly leave a comment if you still get the GST digital signature error while filing the GST return. Here are the quick steps to resolve the error! failed to establish connection to the server. kindly restart the emsigner issue.

1. Install the latest version of Internet Explorer from here > (Recommended to use Internet Explorer).

(You may directly shift to point no. 2 if you want to use other browsers rather then internet explorer.)

2. Update your Java to the latest version by opening this URL in Internet Explorer.

3. After java installation, go to “Control Panel” and open Java settings. Now click on the “Security” tab and click on

4. Edit the site list and add on that list.

java advance

5. Now download and install the latest version of emsigner for GST from here. Please uninstall the previously installed emsigner for traces/MCA if any. You must install emsigner for GST only for GST-related signing. If you have already installed emsigner for GST, then ensure that it is running mode. you can check its status by clicking on the right-hand side below on your computer screen as shown below. Your emsigner is running, If you see below icon gear.

image for please start the emsigner error

6. After installing and updating the above-mentioned applications, please restart your computer.

7. Now right-click on the emsigner application and click “Run as administrator”.

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How to register DSC on the GST portal?

8. Now proceed to register or update your DSC in the GST portal. Please note that you must update your DSC on the GST Portal after doing the above procedure shown below. kindly ensure that you are using the PAN-based DSC because the aadhar based DSC will not work for GST.

image for how to register dsc on gst portal pic

GSTN’s Official Video to Register DSC on GST portal

9. Please note that in order to use your DSC on the GST portal you must add the person as an authorized signatory in your GST registration. Secondly, you must register/update your DSC on the GST portal.

10. That’s it!. Now you can use your Digital Signature Certificate to sign the GST documents digitally.

Solution For Mozilla Firefox

1. Start following the steps from Step No. 2 to Step No. 7 above.

2. Insert the valid DSC token in the USB drive >> Ensure emsigner is running (see above point no. 5).

3. Open Mozilla firefox >> Go to Tools >> Options >> Click on Privacy & Security Tab.

4. Scroll down to Security and ensure the below options are selected.

image for https:\\ firefox

5. Type in browser and hit enter > You will see below error message.

image2 for firefox

6. Click on advance. Click on the Accept the Risk and Continue button.  After clicking this option you may get an error or it will search for this address but that should not be a problem.  wait for 15 seconds & close the tab.

7. If you do not see the above warning message press CTL + Shift + Del key. Click to select Site Preferences and Press the Clear Now button. Try again step no. 5 of this section.

8. Try signing your return with a digital signature now.

image for gst signature window for

9. If you still do not see the above signing window and receive the error “Failed to Establish Connection to the Server. Kindly Restart the Emsigner” then Go to point no. 4 of this section. Remove the selected Tick mark of “Block dangerous and deceptive content” and try again.

We have tried the above procedure on Windows 10.  if you still encounter the same issue, please write in the comments and we will try to resolve the further issues.  Keep Visiting GST India News for further updates on Failed to Establish Connection to the Server.

Resolve Google Chrome error –

If you see this error “Failed to Establish Connection to the Server. Kindly Restart the Emsigner” in Google Chrome after performing the above steps, please follow the below steps:

1. Start following the steps from Step No. 2 to Step No. 7 above. If you encounter any error proceed for the below steps.

2. Type in browser and hit enter > you will see below error message.

gst error Failed to Establish Connection to the Server. Kindly Restart the Emsigner pic

3. Click on advance

4. Click on proceed to (unsafe).  After clicking this option you may get an error or it will search for this address but that should not be a problem.  wait for 15 seconds.

5. Unplug Digital Signature from your pc(if already plugged in) and plug it in again.

6. Try signing your return with a digital signature now.

Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) Installation

image for sorry digital signature certificate missing please plugin the token

you may see the DSC error”Sorry digital signature certificate missing please plugin the token” when you try to sign a GST return with a DSC stick.   

You will see this error if you are you are using a DSC stick for the first time on your computer.    Therefore, you have to install a setup for this stick/pen drive. 

Follow the below procedure to install a USB stick on the computer you are using to sign the GST return/application.

  • Plugin DSC into the computer
  • Open My computer > Double the drive letter showing the inserted DSC
  • Open the setup file as shown in the below picture
dsc installation guide
  • Run setup > Choose the CSP option as “Private CSP”
  • Complete the installation
  • Click yes when the system asks you “do you want to install this certificate”

7 Steps to resolve https://127.0 0.1:1585 error

resolve https-127-0-0-1-1585 7 steps

Proceed here if you have already installed emsigner for GST, configured your Java, and installed your DSC software. If not installed follow the above steps before proceeding to these steps.

Here is the quick solution for https://127.0 0.1 1585 and Failed to establish connection to the server error.

1. Plugin the DSC token

2. Ensure emsigner is running

3. Open your browser >> Type and hit enter

4. Click on the Advanced Tab

5. Click on proceed to

6. Wait for 10-15 seconds and Retry

7. If you can’t see the above warning window, clear the site preferences by pressing the “CTRL + Shift + Del” key and try again.

Note: The above steps work perfectly in Google Chrome. Please ensure that you type exactly as in your browser. If you exclude even a slash or dot you will get an error. Also, kindly ensure to uninstall the previously installed emsigner for Traces/MCA. The emsigner software of traces/MCA will not work for GST.

Solve unable to connect Error

If you see the error “unable to connect to the installed emsigner. please close any other application running on the following ports 1585, 2095, 2568, 2868, 4587 and restart your system, and try again” then you may try the following.

image for unable to connect to the installed emsigner

The error states that the emsigner needs any one of the above ports to run the emsigner on your computer. It is possible that any existing software may be using the above ports. Also, it may be not configured properly in your Java setup. Check above step no. 4 and ensure that the address is entered exactly as shown.

Further, if that does not resolve the error; you must make anyone port free so that the emsigner can run. Hence you must find out which port is using the above port. Here is how to do it.

image for close port
  • Check if 1585 already exists in the port column. If exist, check the file name in the image column or note its PID number.
  • Locate the file name/PID in the “overview tab”. Right-click on the file name and click End process
  • Install/Restart the emsigner again and try.

Here is the list of other DSC-related errors, you may see while using the Digital Signature Certificate token.

Q . No. 1: Why do I get an error “DSC device not connected properly“?

Solution 1: Try re-inserting the DSC again.

Q. No. 2: I get an error”The DSC you are trying to affix does not match with that of the selected signatory

Solution No. 2: Use the DSC token of the only authorized person registered on the GST portal. Also, check the serial number of DSC is PAN-based.

Q. No. 3: I see an Error “Invalid Signature Data

Solution No. 3: Try again by restarting the emsigner. Similarly, if you recently converted your DSC from name-based to PAN-based, kindly check the provider. In this case, it is recommended to reissue the DSC.

FAQ on https error

What is failed to establish connection to the server error?

The GST portal displays this error when your digital signature can not establish a connection with the emsigner software.

Why do I get the error, sorry, no valid digital signatures were found. please try again.

You may get this error because your Digital Signature Certificate is expired and you must renew it or get a new one.

What to select for https 1585 advanced unsafe option?

Click on the “Accept the risk and continue” button.

How do I activate GST on Emsigner?

1. Download and Install Emsigner for GST
2. Ensure your Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) is valid
3. Register your DSC on the GST Portal
4. Open emsigner from your desktop
5. Your DSC is activated on emsigner.

How do I change the port on my Emsigner?

1. Install Java on your computer
2. Go to “Control Panel”
3. Open Java settings.
4. Click on the “Security” tab
5. click on Edit site list
6. Add desired port for e.g: on that list.

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About “Failed to establish connection to the server” error

The above step-by-step guide will resolve your DSC installation error. kindly follow these steps to solve the DSC-related errors. If you still face the error, please leave a comment.

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