GST Search by PAN or GSTIN No | Check and Verify in 2023

Search and verify your supplier and customer GST Number before doing transactions with him. Thus, GSTIN verification has become very important in 2023, due to fake Invoicing. Also, kindly update your system with the correct GST number. This will enable you to generate correct GST returns from your system, without GST number errors. You may quickly search GST Numbers by following the below process.

gst search by pan

There will be many situations when you will look for a GST number search by pan number options of your supplier, customers, or any company in India.

This is very important because if you buy any material from a supplier and you do not know whether the GST number is valid or not, then you can face issues with the GST return while claiming the input tax credit (ITC).

Most small and medium enterprises do not opt for GSTIN, to avoid compliance costs. On the other hand, is difficult for businesses to work without GSTIN because they do not want to deal with unregistered dealers. This results in issuing of fake GST invoices by such vendors.

Therefore, You need to use a Government Official Portal to find the GST Number, GST No verification process, or GST number check activities through its official website only. If you are in Maharashtra Circle, you can go to the know your taxpayer option and search GST no by its GSTIN or by TIN number.

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What is GST Number?

GST Number is a Goods and Service Tax Registration Number. It consists of a 15-digit number. Every person registered under GST requires a unique identification number to perform tax-related activities. One needs to apply online on the GST portal to get his GST Registration number.

Before proceeding with GST No search you must know that the GST Number is the Goods and Service Tax Registration Number. It is a 15-digit number. Every individual registered under GST requires a unique identification number for tax-related activities. It is necessary to apply for GST online at the GST portal. 

Format GSTIN

image for gst number format

GSTIN is a 15 digit number

The digits consist of the state code, PAN Number of the owner of the business, Entity code, blank code, and lastly the check digit. Let us see how these codes are arranged in the GST number.

1 – 2 = STATE CODE

3 – 12 = PAN NUMBER

13 = Business vertical number in the same state. A total of 35 business verticals of the same legal entity can be registered within the same state.

Let us understand this with an example:
Suppose a legal entity with single registration within a state will have “1” as the 13th digit of the GSTN.
If the same legal entity goes for a second registration for a second business vertical in the same state, the 13th digit of GSTIN assigned to the second entity would be “2”.

14 = Blank for future use

15 = Check digit

Follow these simple steps to Search the GST number details of any regular dealer registered in India. You can check the current status of the said dealer, and whether his registration is active or not active.

1. Type in your browser.  The below window will get open on your screen.

GST Number Search home page pic

2. Click on the “Search Taxpayer” option from the horizontal menu bar.
3. Then, Click on “Search by GTIN/UIN”.  Search Taxpayer window will open
4. Enter the GSTIN Number of the dealer you want to search for, in the space provided below

image for how to gst search no

5. Enter the Captcha code appearing in the box.
6. Click on the search.
7. Details of provided GSTIN will get displayed on the screen.

GST Number Verification  – For Composition Dealer

1. Type GST portal address in your browser
2. Click on the “Taxpayer Search” Tab
3. Search Composition Taxpayer
4. Select to choose “opted in/ opted out” option from the list
5. Here you can choose two options for GST Number Checking
a) By Entering the GSTIN Number.

b) By His state without entering GSTIN number.
6. To search by GSTIN number enter GST Number and Click on Search
7. To search by State, Select the State, you want to search from the list

image for gst search for composition dealer

8. Select the financial year
9. Enter the legal name of the dealer.
10. Enter Captcha and click on search.

Please note Legal name is different from Trade Name. The Legal name is normally the name of the person who applies for registration for eg. Mr. Ashok Parekh Kumar. Whereas a trading name is a business name used for the day-to-day invoicing and opening of a bank account. For eg. ABC PRIVATE LIMITED is a trading name.

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Top 5 GST Verification Sites and Free Tool Providers

Here you can see the top 5 online GST verification sites and free tool providers available in India. By visiting these online sites you can:

  • Can do GST verification
  • Search GST number by Name, GST no, or PAN
  • Get API

1. Free Government Site (

The GST portal at is a government-owned website. The site has provided a “search taxpayer” tool on its website. By using this tool, anyone can search and verify the GST number of the given customer or supplier.

The GST number can be verified in four ways from this site. Namely, search by GSTIN/UIN, Search by PAN, Search Temporary ID, and search composition taxpayer. However, the site does not have a search by taxpayers’ names.

2. Cleartax has an online GST validation tool. Anyone can access the tool and enter a GST number and click search. This will provide the details of the entered GSTIN. The site provides GST verification by GSTIN, name, and PAN.

3. Master India is another website, which provides free GST number verification by GST number, PAN, and name. The site also provides API keys related to GST. The API provided are as below:

  • GSTIN verification
  • Eway bill API
  • Invoice Data Extractor
  • E-invoicing API
  • GST return status

4. is one of the first after-GST sites, providing free GST verification tools. The verification can be done by GSTIN, PAN, and name. Also, they have all GSTIN registration details which are registered under a single PAN.

5. has various GST-related tools. This includes GST number verification by GSTIN, PAN, and name. Also, they have e-invoices, a QR Code scanner, bulk GST return status, and a PAN-level compliance tool.

GST Search by PAN Number

Now you can search GST numbers on the basis of PAN numbers from the GST portal

Time needed: 4 minutes

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “search taxpayer”

  3. Click on “Search by PAN “

  4. Enter The PAN number of the person you want to search for GST registration

  5. Enter the Captcha code. Click on the Search button

  6. The System will provide the list of details of all GST registrations for the given PAN number

    (Details include GSTIN/UIN, Status of GSTIN, and State)

You can further Click on the GSTIN number to see the details of particular GST Numbers like Legal Name of business, State jurisdiction, Return Filing Status, etc

GST Search Video on GST Portal

Here you can see the live video on how to verify the GST number of your customer or Supplier by entering the PAN number.

Why verify the GSTIN of the supplier?

There may be many situations wherein you may want to verify the GST Number of your supplier or customer. This is very important because if you purchase any material from a supplier and if you do not know the GST no is valid or not, you may face later issues with GST Return and claiming an Input Tax credit (ITC).

What is the UIN number?

UIN number is a Unique Identification Number(UIN). The UIN number is similar to the GST number. The only difference In the UIN number is, that it is issued United Nations Organization or the United Nations as per(The Privilege and Immunities) Act, of 1947 of the Consulate or Embassy of foreign countries.

It is a 15-digit registration number. the first 2 digits denote the state code where such an entity locates. These agencies have to register themselves to obtain UIN numbers and GST Refund benefits under the GST system.

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Which websites ask to enter GST Numbers?

Many e-commerce portals like flight booking, online tax booking portals, and online shopping portals may ask you to enter your GST number.

You may need to enter GSTIN in Paytm, IRCTC, BSNL, Idea, and Vodafone mobile bill payment.  Also, you may need to enter it in hotels, hospitality industries, income tax,  SBI, speed post, and OLA cab.

Is GST Number compulsory to be mentioned on all documents?

You need to have the GST Number, on the purchase document, if you want to claim the input tax credit on purchases you make. You may not require a GST Number if you do not want to take the input tax credit on such purchases.

Also, you need not have it, If you are an individual and the purchases you are doing for personal consumption.

What if the GST Number on the purchase invoice is Invalid or wrong?

GST is a two-way system because it relies on the supplier. The logic is if the supplier pays the tax and takes out the goods then the receiver can take ITC on said goods.

As per GST rules, the purchaser shall take the ITC only when the supplier pays the tax. Therefore it may be possible that a supplier is an unregistered person but In order to make supplies, he may specify the wrong GST number on the invoice so that his business should not be taken over by other competitors. Hence, it becomes important for the receiver of the goods to check the antiquity of supplier registration.

What if the GST Number mentioned on the Sale Invoice is wrong or invalid?

It is a general practice that the customer provides a GST number and based on that Supplier prepare invoice by mentioning the customer’s GST Number.

It is possible that the GST number on the invoice is wrong given by the customer. Also, it is quite possible that there may be typing error while entering GST No. in the system or directly on the invoice.

In the above case there is two consequence of the wrong GST Number namely:
a) The Receiver of Goods is not allowable to take the input tax credit if the GST number of the receiver is not mentioned on the received Invoice.
b) The Supplier will declare wrong outward supply details in his monthly/quarterly return. Also, it may be possible that he may declare it as sold to a registered person, but in actuality, he may have to show it unsold to an unregistered person.

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How to GST Search by Company Name?

As of now, the GST portal does not provide the facility to check the GST number by the name of the company or the name of the person. However, you can use a third-party website which can be found on Google, and get the details.

How to GST Search by CIN Number?

You can find the GST number of a company by its name. It is a very easy process because since you have the CIN number of the company, you must have the name of the company also.

Thus, you can use a third-party GSTIN verification tool to find GST details by entering the name of the company. If you have only CIN and not the company name then first find the name of the company on the MCA website.

Frequently Asked Questions on GST Search

How to Search GST Number?

You may click on the above link to search for any GST number in India.

How to check the GST number by PAN?

You may click on the above link “Search by PAN” option to search the GST Number details by its PAN.

How to search GST numbers by Company name?

You may search for the company name by entering its PAN number.

How to find the GST number status?

Click on the above link and enter the GSTIN number to know its status.

How to Get a GST Number?

you need to apply online on the GST portal to get your GST number.