Government extends date of filing for TRAN 1 till Nov 30

extends date of filing for TRAN 1

On 26th October 2017, the Official Twitter handle GST@GoI tweeted “FORM GST TRAN – 1 (with revision facility) extended to 30th November 2017. Suitable order will be issued shortly.” which extends the date of filing for TRAN 1 now.

Therefore now assesses can claim credit of transitional stock in the Goods and Services till 30th November 2017.  However, the official notification is still awaited on this tweet. But it is very much sure that it extends the date of filing for TRAN 1 till Nov 30.

Many assess were looking at the possibilities to revise the form, so that they can add/modify/delete the entries later.  But there is no such provision on the portal to do such activities later, However different tables of transition forms can be furnished at different points of time till the stipulated last date.

Please see our previous article to understand Key issues and resolution in filing TRAN 1(click here).  Alternatively, you may also read the manual on the GST portal to fill TRAN 1 and see the possible errors pop out on the screen and resolutions for such errors. (Click here).

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