Eway Bill News – Latest updates in 26th Meeting of GST Council

image Eway bill updates of 26th gst council meeting

GST Council has Recommended below updates on Eway bill system in the 26th GST Council meeting. Council has made many improvements in the said system. These changes are as below:

Re-Introduction of E Way bill Dates

1) Introduction of eway bill for inter-State movement of goods across the country from 01st April 2018.

2) Date to be announced in a phased manner for the introduction of the Intra-state movement of goods.

When to Generate E Way Bill

3) The Eway bill is required to be generated only where the value of the consignment exceeds Rs. 50000/-. For smaller value consignments, no ewaybill is required.

4) There is no requirement to generate an eway bill where an individual consignment value is less than Rs. 50,000/-, even if the transporter is carrying goods of more than Rs. 50,000/- in a single conveyance.

5) The value of exempted goods has been excluded from the value of the consignment, for the purpose of eway bill generation.

6) In the case of the movement of goods by railways, airways, and waterways, the e-way bill can be generated even after the commencement of the movement of goods.

7) In the case of the movement of goods on account of job-work, the registered job worker can also generate an e-way bill.

8) Consignor can authorize the transporter, courier agency, and e-commerce operator to fill PART-A of e-way bill on his behalf.

Modes of Transport Requiring E way bill Generation – Included / Excluded

9) Public conveyance has also been included as a mode of transport and the responsibility of generating eway bill in case of movement of goods by public transport would be that of the consignor or consignee.

10) Railways have been exempted from generation and carrying of e waybill with the condition that without the production of the e-way bill, railways will not deliver the goods to the recipient. But railways are required to carry invoice or delivery challan etc.

A time period of E Way Bill

11) The time period for the recipient to communicate his acceptance or rejection of the consignment would be the validity period of the concern-ed eway bill or 72 hours, whichever is earlier.

12) Movement of goods from the place of consignor to the place of transporter up to a distance of 50 Km [increase-d from 10 km] does not require filling of PART-B of e-way bill. They have to generate PART-A of the e-way bill.

13) Extra validity period has been provided for Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC).

14) If the goods cannot be transported within the validity period of the e-way bill, the transporter may extend the validity period in case of transshipment or in case of circumstances of an exceptional nature.

15) The validity of one day will expire at midnight of the day immediately following the date of the generation of the e-way bill.

Verification in Transit

16) Once verified by any tax officer, the same conveyance will not be subject to the second check in any State or Union territory, unless and until specific information for the same is received.

17) Movement of goods on account of Bill-To-Ship-To supply will be handled through the capturing of place of despatch in PART-A of e-way bill.

The above changes will be effective only after issuing particular notifications in this regard.  Keep visiting our blog for the latest notification updates.

Top Five FAQ on GST Meetings

What is the date of the 26th GST Council meeting?

10th March 2018.

What was the focus of the 26th council meeting?

The focus of the meeting was on E waybill and its implementation.

When is the next upcoming GST meeting?

You may check the date from the GST council meeting news page.

What is the official website of the GST Council?

www.gstcouncil.gov.in is the official website of the GST council in India.

Where can I find the notifications issued of the GST meeting?

You can find it on the GST notification page of this website.

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