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The “GST INDIA NEWS” is a blog, written and managed by Mr. Jayendra Gaonkar since 2017. I am a GST Practitioner and My GSTIN is 302200000778GPV.

Jayendra Gaonkar is an experienced Content writer on Central Excise, Service Tax, GST, Income Tax, etc. He has 14+ years of experience in industrial Taxation. Also, he is a website designer and SEO Expert in Goa.

He believes that his writing initiative will help many taxpayers of India to understand GST in the right way.  There are many misconceptions about goods and service tax in India.  In spite of it, he always clarifies the queries raised by many taxpayers.  Also, he is very much active on social media to answer the taxpayer’s queries.   He updates the GST India News portal with the latest GST news and updates on notifications, circulars, orders, etc.

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The FAQ on GST India News

Who is Jayendra Gaonkar

Mr. Jayendra Gaonkar is a Content Writer on GST In India.

Who is the owner of GST India News blog?

Mr. Jayendra Gaonkar is the founder and owner of GST India News blog in India

Who writes blogs on the GST India News website?

Mr. Jayendra Gaonkar writes the latest articles on GST India News.

Is GST India News official Government portal?

No. It is a private blog.

Is GST India news undertake GST Return Filing?

No. Currently, we do not provide such services.

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