How to change taxpayer type in gst portal

Many taxpayers must have selected the wrong taxpayer type while applying for GST Registration.  Due to this reason, you may not able to file the necessary returns.

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Change taxpayer type in GST portal

1st Scenario : Change taxpayer type from Regular to Composition

if your existing registration is Regular type and if you want to opt for a composition scheme then you can do the same.  To do this go to services > Registration> Application to Opt for Composition Levy.  This will change your existing taxpayer type from regular to Composition type.

2nd Scenario: Change taxpayer type from Composition to Regular

if your existing registration is composition and if you want to change it to regular type then you can do the same.  To do this go to services > Registration> Application for Withdrawal from Composition Levy

There is no modification available for these types of fields under core fields as of now.  Therefore taxpayer needs to apply for cancellation of registration and apply for fresh registration for a new type of registration which is not mentioned above.  It is suggest-ed before applying for cancellation, please see that you file all returns related to the type of registration you obtained.  Failing which you may get notice later from the department.

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19 thoughts on “How to change taxpayer type in gst portal

  1. We have registered under regular type of tax payer but, we need to change to composition.
    we have registered in 27/05/2019, we are not able to generate application to opt for composition scheme.
    How can we generate the application now?

    1. Hello

      You will have to withdraw from the Composition scheme on the GST Portal. You may follow below steps to do so:

      1. visit URL.
      2. Login to the GST Portal with your valid credentials.
      3. Click the Services > Registration > Application for Withdrawal from Composition Levy link.

      Follow the steps and submit the application. Your registration will be changed from composition to Regular once your application is approved.

  2. I had registered as taxpayer type of tax collecter for selling on ecommerce websites like amazon, snapdeal, etc. But now when I am registering on these platforms it shows that gst is invalid. What can be done ? Please help me.

    1. Hello, kindly ensure that your GST number is active. Check it from the gst portal. If the number is active then contact these online platforms and ask the reason for the error.

  3. I had registered as a casual taxpayer now I want to change it to regular, how can I change this. If i apply for a fresh registration then what will happen to my previous registration? Do i have to pay taxes for both types?

    1. Hello

      Your casual registration comes with 90 days validity and it will expire after the given period. You may extend it also further 90 days. Also, you can surrender your registration before expiry and claim refund of any balance credit. You can apply for regular registration few days prior to previous expiry.


  4. We have registered wrongly under Tax Deductor type of tax payer but we need to change to regular,how to change plz help

  5. The facility to Opt-In for Composition Levy (Form GST CMP-02) for Financial Year 2021-22 is disabled for now.

    i want to change my taxpayer type regular in to composition levy.its shows like this. i am doing e commerce business so i need to file gstr 8 but that option is not shown in my dash board. please share your ideas.

    1. Hello, As per my understanding, you can not opt for composition after the due date is over. Therefore, you will have to wait for next year. In order to file GSTR 8, your registration must be of type “Tax collector (ecommerce)”.


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