E way bill distance limit required to generate e way bill

What is the distance limit to generate e way bill ?

As per CGST e way bill distance rules, every consignment whose value is more than fifty thousand rupees shall generate e way bill.   This is the first and most important condition for generating e way bill.   Therefore it does not matter how much e way bill distance limit is.

E way bill distance limit pic

The only exemption is that if the goods are transported, where distance is less then 10 kilometers within the state or union territory from the place of consignor of goods to the destination then the part B of Form GST EWB-01 need not require to fill up.

On the other hand, it is applicable where goods are transported from the place of the consignor to the place of business of transporter.  Also, it is applicable when goods are required to be moved from the place of the transporter to place of the consignee.

PART B of E way bill consists of transporter details such as vehicle number, consignment note number, transporter registration number and transporter name.  Hence there Is no e way bill kilometer limit wise requirement to generate e way bill for movement of goods from one place to another.

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