How to File GST Return Video in Hindi and English Language

Learn How to File GST Return Video in Hindi, English and in more languages.  Learn everything  by looking at videos live.  This Free Goods and service tax videos are available on various returns like GSTR 1 and GSTR 3b, GSTR 8, GSTR 10 etc.

1.How to file GSTR 8 on GST Portal by Tax Collectors TCS in Hindi.

This video includes  Section and Rule related to Form GSTR-8.  Similarly,  it includes online filing process of Form GSTR-8 on GST Portal.

Further you will see to take Screen Shots for Filing Form GSTR-8 and Filling Tile-3 and Tile-4.  How to amend  TCS Rejected by Supplier,  Preview and Filing of GSTR 8.   Also,  making payment and creating Challan and  Debit entries and downloading of GSTR 8.

2. How to file GSTR 10 for Final Return on GST portal in English

You will learn below things after watching this video on filing GSTR 10 Return after GST Registration Cancellation

  • What is GSTR 10 Return under Goods and Service Tax.
  • Necessary Rules Regarding GSTR 10 return filing.
  • Format of final return
  • What are the per-conditions for filing  GSTR 10
  • When one needs to file this return
  • How to file online GSTR 10 in easy steps.

3. How to  handle Accept/Reject,  Engage Requests by GST Practitioner

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