Shortcut keys In a computer | Windows, Excel, and Word with pdf

GST India news has provided below the various computer shortcut keys for your day-to-day use. Thus, now you can download the shortcut keys of the computer in pdf format. See the M S word, excel, and shut down the laptop shortcut keys. It is not wrong to say that without computer keyboard shortcut keys, you have to deal with a long process. However, by using the shortcut keys, you can quickly perform many activities on windows laptops and desktops.

Do you know that by simply pressing the Ctrl+Z key, you can undo the action you did just a few seconds or a minute before? so this step can save you a lot of time. Similarly, you can press CTRL + A key on your windows keyboard to select all the text on almost any program that is opened on your computer. Otherwise, you have to do this activity manually by selecting it by mouse or by using the shift and arrow keys.

shortcut keys of computer pdf
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All shortcut keys of the computer With the CTRL key

You can use the below shortcut keys by using the CTRL key. All shortcut keys work for windows 10 and windows 11. However, this can not be guaranteed as a few keys may not work on Windows 10 due to the windows 11 version. Therefore, you can try and use them regularly. You can use some of the important keys like Ctrl + Y to redo the previous action.

Key combinationWhat do the keys do?
Ctrl+ASelects all text
Ctrl+BKey to be used for making the text bold
Ctrl+CThe shortcut keys allow to you copy the selected text or file
Ctrl+DThe key enables you to Bookmark the current page in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+EndMove to the end of the document
Ctrl+EscOpen the Start menu in windows 10 or 11
Ctrl+Fopens the find window
Ctrl+HomeTakes you to the beginning of the document
Ctrl+Ichange the text to italic
Ctrl+InsCopies selected item
Ctrl+KInserts hyperlink for the selected text
Ctrl+NPressing Control + N can create a new or blank document, or open a new tab in various Internet browsers.
Ctrl+Olocates to Open a file
Ctrl+Poption to Print the current page or document
Ctrl+SSave the current document file
Ctrl+Shift+EscOpens your Windows Task Manager
Ctrl+Uunderline the selected text
Ctrl+VPaste the file or text
Ctrl+XCut selected item
Ctrl+YThe shortcut key Redo the last action
Ctrl+ZThis is to Undo the last action

Other Shortcut keys of the computer

You have to use the below keys with the Alt key, and with other conjunction keys of windows.

Key combinationWhat do the keys do?
Alt+ESystem Opens the Edit options in the current open program.
Alt+EnterAlt + Enter opens the properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.)
Alt+FOpens File menu options for selection in most of the programs
Alt+F4Closes the currently active program
Alt+TabEnables switching between multiple open programs.
EndReach the end of the current line
F1You can view help information
F2You can rename a selected file.  You can also use the right on the file to rename it
F5Reloads the open program
HomePressing the key takes you to the beginning of the current line
Shift+DelCut selected item
Shift+InsPaste the copied text
Windows key+Down arrowTo Minimize the active program window
Windows key+LAllows to lock the computer and needs to enter the password to wake again
Windows key+Up arrowTo Maximize the active program window.
Windows key+XProvides access to the Power User Tasks Menu in Windows 8 and Windows 10

M S Word Shortcut keys

Below is the list of Microsoft Word (M S word shortcut keys). The keys can be used in various versions of Microsoft word. These are a total of 21 keys for word and we will be adding more keys in the coming future.

Key CombinationWhat do the Keys do?
Ctrl + BBold the highlighted selection
Ctrl + CCopies of the selected text
Ctrl + XCut the selected text
Ctrl + NOpen a new/blank document
Ctrl + OOpens the options in the word
Ctrl + POpens the print window
Ctrl + FThe key Opens the find box
Ctrl + IMake the text Italic
Ctrl + KInsert link
Ctrl + UUnderline the selected text
Ctrl + VPaste the copied text
Ctrl + GBrings the find and replace option window
Ctrl + HBrings find-and-replace options
Ctrl + Jyou can Justify paragraph alignment
Ctrl + LTo Align selected text or line to the left
Ctrl + QTo Align the selected paragraph to the left
Ctrl + EThe key is used to align selected text or lines to the center
Ctrl + RControl + R key to aligning selected text or line to the right
Ctrl + MCTRL + M to Indent the paragraph
Ctrl + TUse Ctrl + T key to Hang the indent
Ctrl + DGives you font options

Shortcut Keys for Excel

Key CombinationWhat do the keys do?
F2Press the F2 key to Edit the selected cell
F5To Go to a specific cell
F7Press the F7 key to spell-check selected text and/or document
F11Create a chart for you
Ctrl + Shift +;Enters the current time for you
Ctrl +;Enter the current date for you
Alt + Shift + F1Insert a new worksheet in the same file
Shift + F3Opens the Excel formula window
Shift + F5use the shift + F5 key to bring up the search box
Ctrl + BBold highlighted selection
Ctrl + IMakes the selected text Italic
Ctrl + DFill the text
Ctrl + KCtrl + K key Inserts a link
Ctrl + Fuse to open, find and replace options
Ctrl + Guse to open go-to options
Ctrl + HOpen find and replace options
Ctrl + UThe key underlines the text you select
Ctrl + YUnderlines the selected text
Ctrl + 5Strikethrough highlighted selection
Ctrl + OOpen options
Ctrl + NOpen new document
Ctrl + PAn open print dialog box
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl + F9Minimize the current window
Ctrl + F10Maximize the currently selected window
Ctrl + F6pressing the key CTRL + F6 allows you to switch between open workbooks/windows
Ctrl + Page up & Page DownMove between Excel worksheets in the same document
Ctrl + TabMove between two or more open Excel files
Alt + =Create the formula to sum all of the above cells
Ctrl +Insert the value of the above cell into the current cell

Shortcut keys computer pdf

Are you looking for shortcut keys for computers in pdf format? if yes then you are on the right page. The page allows you to download the shortcut keys of the computer in pdf, excel shortcut keys in pdf, and shortcut keys of computer a to z pdf. Besides this, it also supports for m s word shortcut keys pdf and Microsoft word shortcut keys in pdf. Alternatively, you may also see our tally shortcut keys in pdf on this website. Thus, these shortcut keys on a keyboard are available for windows 10 and windows 11 versions. You may use these shortcut keys for laptops and desktops at your home and office.

The below pdf file contains the various shortcut keys of print the file, deleting the file, and text, shortcut keys for copy, and shortcut keys for redo commands. These are the basic shortcut keys that need your day-to-day work. So, click on the below download button to download all the computer keys with word and excel shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys to shutdown the computer

There may be various times when you want to shut down your computer by pressing a keyboard shortcut key instead of the long process. so here are a few steps you can see how to shut down the computer by using the shortcut keys. We have given below the steps for a safe shutdown. However, you may use other shortcut keys to shut down your keys. However, by doing so you may lose your data from the opened programs unless you close them first. The keys like CTRL + ALT + DEL and Win + X can also be used to shut down the computer alternatively.

  1. Close all the open programs

    Eg. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet browsers, etc. If the programs are open it will ask first to close these programs and the shutdown process will not work directly.

  2. Press the Alt + F4 Key

  3. You will see the below popup window on your desktop

    shutdown computer shortcut

  4. Select the option from the list

  5. Click on the Ok button

  6. The computer/laptop will shut down within a few seconds

This is the list of top shortcut keys in the computer you find in today’s computers or laptops. We tried to cover most of the shortcut keys like MS word, excel, shutting down the computer, etc. Also, the shortcut table consists of major shortcut keys like undo key, copy text, highlight the text, rename a file, paste the copied data, etc. However, if you still looking for any other specific shortcut keys, kindly leave the details in the comment box and we will try to include them in the list.