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The Consolidated e waybill is the combined, e way bill of various e waybills. In other words, It is a combination of many e way bills generated by the supplier of goods. Thus it is an e way bill is generated by the transporters by clubbing all e way bills received from the supplier to facilitate them single merged e way bill of all consignments. However, If you are a supplier and want to generate multiple e way bills in offline mode, you should use bulk e way bill generation excel tool from here.

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Further, it facilitates transporters to club all the e-way bills and generates a single e-way bill for one consignment. Thus, he need not have to carry all the e way bill given by the supplier for individual shipments.

After going through this you will learn how to generate consolidated e way bills online and offline. Similarly, you will see how to download the offline excel offline tool from the e way bill portal. Also, how to fill the data and generate a JSON file to upload on the portal.

Validity of consolidated e way bill

The Consolidated EWB is like a trip sheet and it contains details of different EWBs that are moving towards one direction, and these EWBs will have different validity periods.

Who can generate?

A transporter can generate the consolidated e way bills for movement of multiple consignments in one vehicle. Thus, it is a document containing the multiple e-way bills for multiple consignments in a single conveyance (goods vehicle).

Further, the transporter, carrying the multiple consignments of various consignors and consignees in one vehicle wherein he requires to carry one e-way bill instead of carrying multiple e-way bills for those consignments.

Can the ‘consolidated e way bill’ (CEWB) can have the goods / e way bills which are going to be delivered before reaching the defined destination defined for CEWB?

Yes, the consolidated e-way bill can have the goods or e-way bills which will be delivered on the way from the list of original destinations. That is, if the CEWB is generated with 10 EWBs to move to destination X, then on the way the transporter can deliver 3 consignments belong to 3 EWBs out of these 10 and move with remaining 7 to the destination X.

Download Excel format

Click below to Download CEWB bill excel format. This format is also called as Consolidated E Way Bill JSON Preparation tool. With the help of this CEWB excel tool, you can generate the JSON file, which has to be upload-ed on the e way bill portal to generate e way bills in one shot. Click below to download the excel format from the below link.

You may also download the CEWB tool from the e way bill portal. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to Help >>Tools >> Bulk Generation Tools
  3. Go to “JSON Preparation Tools” section
  4. Click on Consolidated E-Waybill JSON Preparation link
  5. This will download the excel utility to prepare the consolidated e way bill JSON file.

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How to generate consolidated e way bill in offline mode?

Read here for Step by step guide to generate CEWB by using above offline utility. This is a complete and easy CEWB generation procedure.

1) Open the downloaded excel file
2) Enter your GSTN, Name, place and pin code

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3) Enter the details of consignment vehicle wise, which will be moving in different locations by carrying consignments received from the supplier.
4) After completion of data entering, click on Validate button on the top. Thereafter click on Prepare JSON.

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5) Login to e way bill portal
6) Select the ‘Generate Bulk’ option from the ‘Consolidated EWB menu
7) Click on the choose file button. Upload the generated JSON file.
8) Click the upload and generate button.
9) Click Export to Excel button to use these generated e way bill.

How to generate consolidated e way bill online?

Now Generate consolidated e way bill in 9 easy steps :

1) Login to e way bill portal
2)Select “Generate new” under ‘Consolidated EWB ’ option at the left-hand side menu.
3) Enter all necessary details manually on the below screen.

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4) After entering the necessary details, click on the Submit button.
5) The system will generate E way bill in Form EWB-02 with a unique 12 digit number after clicking on the submit button.
6) Now you can Print and carry this for transporting the goods in the selected mode of transport.

You may also download other e way bill excel formats from here. Download e way bill excel format to generate e way bill part 1 and part 2. Also, you may download an offline tool to upload e way bill masters and update the vehicle numbers in bulk.

Question and Answers

What is a consolidated e way bill?

The transporter can generate one e way bill from various e way bills generated by the supplier of goods is called consolidated e way bill in GST.

How to generate a consolidated e way bill?

1. Log in to E way bill portal
2. Click on “Generate new” under ‘Consolidated EWB ’ option
3) Enter all necessary details
4. Click submit to generate.

Who can generate consolidated e way Bill?

The transporter carrying the goods can generate this type of e way bill.

When can I make a consolidated e way Bill?

You can make a CEWB when multiple consignments to be clubbed together for transportation purposes.

How to cancel the consolidated e way bill?

You can cancel the e way bill by using the ‘Cancel consolidated EWB’ option under the ‘Consolidated EWB’ tab.

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