GSTR 2A Reconciliation in Excel Format with Download


GSTR 2A Download In Excel

It was informed by the GST council that the Input tax credit matching facility will be available in excel format in its previous council meet.

Initially, only JSON file was available to download on the portal, which can be used only by converting JSON to excel or by uploading on specially designed software’s.

Therefore for the past many days, taxpayers were looking for an excel facility for downloading GSTR 2a records.  The download link was available but it was not in a working status.

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GST Portal is now generating GSTR 2a in excel format. Therefore,  you can download this excel file from the online portal and reconcile your input tax credit entries.

This excel file will facilitate taxpayers to do GSTR 2a reconciliation in excel format.  Please note that one can not access GSTR 2 A without signing into the GST portal and hence require a login.

Click to read how to download gstr 2a in excel from gst portal

About GSTR 2A in JSON format

if you have software like tally ERP then you can download a JSON file and upload it, into the tally.  After uploading system will do automatic reconciliation in GSTR 2 Return.  Further, you can see the invoice uploaded by the supplier and the actual entries on which you availed ITC.

Convert GSTR 2A JSON to Excel

There are many websites available online which can convert JSON To excel.  you may find these sites by typing “GST JSON to excel converter“, “GST JSON format to excel format converter” on google.

However, we have not tried any of these sites.  Therefore you need to check the correctness of the excel file after converting it through these websites.

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