Letter of Authority and Authorization with Format in Word

The letter authority is an authorization given to any third person to perform any activity on your behalf. This can be done by writing a simple letter unless there is some specified format provided by the recipient authority. You may download the sample letter of authorization format from the below section.

For eg., you may authorize XYZ person to appear in front of ABC person on your behalf. Here the ABC will not allow XYZ to appear on your behalf as an authorized person unless you give in writing so.

Thus, you need to provide a letter of authorization requesting the officer to intimate and accept the person to coordinate on your behalf.

authority letter format

Why letter of Authority?

The letter of authority can be used for various purposes. here is the list of some.

  • Represent on your behalf in court
  • Giving permission to sign
  • Act on your behalf
  • To claim money from the bank
  • To process documents
  • Company authorization letter for Tax Authority

How to write letter of Authorization?

If you are an individual person then you can write a simple communication letter to the concerned person. It should contain From, date, To, Subject, and the body of the letter. In the body of the letter, you need to mention the name of the person to whom you authorize to sign, appear, take a decision on your behalf.

For the company, the letter should be printed on the company’s letterhead. Also, it has been signed by the Authorized person like the Managing Director.

Letter of Authority Format

You may download the sample letter of authority format from here. This is the only sample letter and you may modify it as per your requirement. Kindly ensure to print it on the letterhead if you are an organization or a company.

Letter of Authority for GST

letter of authorization for gst

While applying for new GST registration the applicant needs to provide the details of the authorized signatory. Here the authorized signatory is the person other than the applicant.

For eg., if the proprietor is applying for GST registration then he becomes an authorized signatory by default. Thus, he need not have to mentioned separately authorized signatory details.

However, if the proprietor or the management of the company wants to give signing authority to any employee then the proprietor shall mention his details under authorized signatory block. In this situation, the proprietor shall upload the letter of the authority of such a person.

In the case of the company, the board of resolution can be uploaded, authorizing such a person. Here is a sample format, you may download.

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