Purchase Order Format: Excel & Word Templates

A Purchase Order (PO) is a commercial document between the seller and the end customer. Thus, it is the first official offer issued by the seller to the customer indicating the products, types of services, quantities, and acceptable prices. You can download the purchase order excel & Word format from here. Also, you will learn more about purchase order templates with different samples.

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Format in Excel and Word

The company shall have its own purchase order format. The purchase order format may vary from company to company. Thus, the format shall include all the requirements that you want to keep binding your supplier while supplying the material to you. The perfect purchase order format not only contains the line of items you want, but it also serves as a commercial agreement between you and your supplier.

Here is the purchase order format in excel to download. You can also download the word format from the below option. These formats are provided as samples only and you can fully customize them as per your requirements.

image for purchase order format

About Purchase Order Templates

The above excel formats/templates can be fully customizable. Thus, you can customize the purchase order template as the way you want. you can insert more columns and rows. Also, you can enter various taxes like GST, Sales Tax, VAT, etc. in your state. Similarly, you can save the above format in the pdf file. In order to save it in pdf, click the file >> save as option in excel and then select file type as “pdf” from the list.

Related Questions and Answers

Q1. what is purchase order in sap?

Answer 1. The sap system shows the number of purchase orders raised, outstanding orders, and receipts against the raised PO.

Q2. How many types of purchase order exist?

Answer 2. Purchase order Types are Standard, Planned, Blanket, Contract, Capital, and Non-standard.

Q3. Who make purchase order?

Answer 3. Customer.

Q4. What is purchase order financing?

Answer 4. This is an advance payment to be made to the supplier while submitting the purchase order.

Q5. When purchase order is required?

Answer 5: Whenever a company wants to purchase material or any product from the supplier, a Purchase order is required.

Q6. How to create purchase order in sap?

Answer 6: Refer the user manual of your SAP system.

Q7. Who is requisitioner on purchase order?

Answer 7: The person who signs the requisition.

Q8. What is purchase order format letter?

Answer 8: It is another word for purchase order format.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions servers as important clause in purchase order. These terms and conditions keeps the supplier binding to supply the goods or services as per the purchase order specifications.

Further, there is no standard format for the purchase order. We have included basic information in the PO format to suit your need. However, you can include any other terms and conditions which you think important for your business.

Here is a list of commonly used terms and conditions in the purchase order.

  1. Please mention our purchase order number on the invoice or Delivery challan at the time of supply.
  2. Payment will be made within 30 days after receipt of the material.
  3. original Invoice copies must accompany the shipment.
  4. The material will be returned back, in case of discrepancy/damages found.
  5. A quality certificate should be sent with the shipment.
  6. The basic price includes all of the discounts.
  7. Taxes and Duties are all-inclusive/exclusive.
  8. We reserve the right to reject the material without assigning the reason.
  9. GST paid amount will be recovered from you if it is not available in GSTR 2A for availing input tax credit.
  10. The purchase order stands invalid if the order confirmation is not received within 7days.

Purchase Order Processing

Here is how to process the purchase order in day today business.

  1. Invite quotations from the different supplier
  2. Raise a purchase order on the supplier
  3. You may need to get approval from your boss, before sending the PO to the supplier.
  4. Sent the PO copy to the supplier via email/post
  5. Receive the goods or service in line with your purchase order.
  6. Make payment to the supplier
  7. Order Closed.

Invoice vs Purchase order

You have to create an Invoice when you sell or supply goods or services to the supplier as per their purchase order. Every company must make an invoice while sending the goods. Similarly, invoice the final bill against which the supplier can receive the payment. Also, the invoice serves as a legal document for the government if taxes are involved.

Read more about >> GST Invoice formats.

Whereas, a purchase order is sent by the recipient to the supplier to supply the goods or services and per the terms and conditions. The purchase order can be canceled before the supply of goods. Further, the recipient can deny the delivery of goods or services if not supplied as per the purchase order.

Read to know about the Delivery challan.

Sales Order vs Purchase Order

Sales order is a order used to supply the goods or services or both as per the recipient specifications. On the other hand purchase order is raised by the recipient and send to the supplier. Therefore, the meaning of these both terms are same. However, if you are supplier then you will treat the purchase order as a “Sales order”. Whereas, if you are a recipient then you will treat it as a purchase order.

Purchase Order & Tally ERP 9

Creating new purchase order in tally erp 9 is very easy. Here is how to do it.

  1. Click on “Order Voucher” from the gateway of tally
  2. Select the supplier
  3. Enter the quotation reference
  4. Fill in items to be ordered.
  5. Enter the narration, if any
  6. Save the entry

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s purchase order?

It is a commercial document sent, by the recipient of goods or services or both, to the supplier.

Why purchase order is important?

The purchase orders keep the supplier binding to supply the items as per the order.

How does purchase order work?

The customer raises purchase order on the supplier. Thereafter, the supplier sends the goods to the customer as per the terms specified.

Is purchase order a contract?

Yes, it is a commercial contract between the supplier and the customer.

What is purchase order processing explain in detail?

It includes entire process from getting quotations, approval and then raising purchase order.