Tally Prime Software: Download free Version With Price

The Tally solutions private limited has launched their new software product called “Tally Prime”. Tally software is also known for simple and easy to use software for many years. Therefore, this time the company has given new look to the software. I must say that the new software is lighter than Tally ERP 9.

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Date of Release

According to reliable sources, the Tally prime release date was 9th November 2020. Thus, the software was officially launched for businesses to buy in India from 09.11.2020.

Top 5 Features of Tally Prime

Here are some of the latest features of tally prime that will work like charm for small businesses in India.

  1. Simple to learn and easy to use
  2. Insightful , actionable & customizable reports
  3. Access anywhere securely through a browser
  4. Optimize your invoice to utilize unused space in invoices. Save paper and printing costs.
  5. The bigger and Clutter-free screen allows you to focus and work better.

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Tally Prime For GST

The new tally software is 100% compatible with GST. Therefore, you can easily switch from the previous version to this new version. On the other hand, the company says it offers various new features in the latest version for GST. This includes E waybill generation and GST return filing.

How to Download Tally Prime?

Downloading Tally prime is very easy. Follow the below simple steps to download and install it on your computer. By downloading the trial version you can see the live demo of this new software.

Time Needed: 6 minutes

Steps to Download

  • Go to https://tallysolutions.com/

    The official website of Tally Solutions Private Ltd.

  • Click on “Take a free trial” button to download Trial version

    The free trial version can be used for 7 days.

  • Click on “Upgrade Now” button to upgrade existing Tally

    If you are already a tally ERP 9 customer, you can upgrade to Prime for free.image for tally prime download

  • Run the Downloaded file to Install

    You can run the setup file to install a fresh tally prime or to upgrade from the existing Tally ERP 9.

Prices of New Software

Here are the prices of New tally Prime on the basis of different plans.

  • SILVER RENTAL – 7200 INR / Year + single user + 1pc
  • SILVER – 18000 INR + Lifetime + Single user + 1pc
  • GOLD RENTAL – 21600 INR + / Year + Multi user + Unlimited pcs
  • GOLD – 54000 INR + Lifetime + Multi user + unlimited pcs
image for tally prime price list
Note: The price last updated on 27.11.2020


The new software looks to be promising for existing and new businesses. We expect the new software will be the best software solution for small businesses. Similarly, you will find many new features in this software to compare with tally prime vs tally ERP 9.

On the other hand, you can download the setup.exe file, install it, and use it for 7 days for free. Also, the price of the software is comparatively low as compared to other software available in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question No. 1: What is Tally Prime?

Answer 1: It is a new version of earlier Tally ERP 9. The new software is light and simple to use.

Question No. 2: Is Tally better than SAP?

Answer No. 2: Price wise it is much cheaper than the SAP system. The software is useful for small businesses with limited usage. However, for big organizations SAP is preferred.

Question No. 3: How to Update Tally with Latest version?

Answer No. 4: Visit www.tallysolutions.com >> Download the latest version > Run the downloaded file >> Choose to update the existing version.