RFD-1A for exporters to go live tonight for export refunds

utility RFD-1A exporters

GSTN Utility RFD-1A for Exporters:

Merchant exporters will now be able to claim tax refunds by using the new utility RFD-1A on GSTN.   This utility will be available on the GST Network portal tonight 17th November 2017. With this utility RFD-1A, a merchant exporter can claim a refund of GST paid at the time of buying goods (Inputs) which later on he has exported in the relevant month.

GST RFD-1A utility will facilitate taxpayers to enter the details of inputs and exports made out of it by the exporter. Thereafter the said refund amount will be credited in the respective ledger/s.

The refund claims can be filled for the July-September months. The GSTN then will match the data with the corresponding GSTR-3B filed by the exporter.

Since the online system did not exist for exports of services and supplies to SEZ and those exporters claiming GST on inputs, the manual system has been launched. Starting the refund process is a good thing, but it remains to be seen in how many days the exporters actually get the refund credited in their bank accounts.  Subscribe to our latest post on GST India news to receive future related updates.

Use of RFD 01 Application for Refund

The RFD 01 application can be used to apply for various types of below GST refunds. Here is the list of GST refunds to be applied through the RFD 01 form on the GST portal.

  • Refund of Excess GST Balance in Electronic Cash Ledger
  • Refund of ITC on Account of Exports without Payment of GST
  • GST Refund on Account of Supplies made to SEZ Unit/ SEZ Developer (Without Payment of Tax)
  • GST Refund of ITC accumulated due to Inverted Tax Structure
  • Refund by Recipient of Deemed Export
  • GST Refund on Account of Supplies made to SEZ Unit/ SEZ Developer (With Payment of Tax)
  • Export of Services (With Payment of Tax) – GST refund
  • Tax paid on an Intra-State Supply which is subsequently held to be Inter-State Supply and Vice Versa
  • Supplier of Deemed Export can apply for GST refund
  • Claiming Refund on Account of Excess Payment of Tax
  • Any other” ground of reason
  • Assessment/Provisional Assessment/ Appeal/ Any Other Order as a reason for GST refund.
  • Application (By Embassies/ International Organizations)

How to Access RFD 01 form online?

  1. Go to the GST portal and log in
  2. After login click the Services > Refunds > Application for Refund command.
  3. Select the refund type page is displayed
  4. Select the Type of Refund from the list
  5. Now select the Tax Period for which the application has to be filed online from the drop-down list.
  6. Now Click the CREATE REFUND APPLICATION button.
  7. Fill in the necessary details and submit the application.

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