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The Income Tax department has launched its new e filing portal 2.0 on 07th June 2021. Therefore, now the new internet address of the Income Tax website is Also, now there is a change in process of DSC registration. Thus, here is the step-by-step process on how to register DSC on the new income tax website.

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After going through this article you will able to:

Prerequisites for DSC Registration

  • You must register yourself on the e-filing portal
  • DSC token need to be class 2 or class 3 certificate
  • DSC token should be active and not expired
  • Ensure the DSC is not invoked

8 Steps for DSC Registration

Follow the below steps to register DSC on new income tax website.

1. Visit the e-filing portal at

dsc registration on income tax step 1

2. Login with user name and password

3. Click on My profile

4. Click on the option to “Register DSC”

dsc registration on income tax step 4

5. Enter the email id associated with DSC token

6. Click on Continue

7. Enter the provider, Certificate, and provider password in the given boxes.

image for dsc registration step 7

8. Click on “Sign” button

You will see a success message on your screen, confirming the DSC registration on e filing portal of Income Tax.

image displaying is successful registration

Note: You must download and install the emsigner utility before initiating the registration process. You can download the same by clicking the help link at the bottom of the Register Digital Signature Certificate page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register dsc on new income tax website?

Log in and follow the DSC registration steps

How to re-register when DSC is expired?

You will see the message saying the DSC is expired when you enter the details in above DSC Registration steps

How to re-register when DSC is not expired?

You will see the message, you have already registered your DSC. You may click the view option to see the details and update option to modify.

How to register DSC of Principal Contact?

Enter the registered email id of principal contact registered on e filing portal.

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