einvoice1.gst.gov.in – An official Invoicing Login portal of India

The einvoice1.gst.gov.in is the official E Invoice portal of GST in India. Thus, you need to log in and Register on the e-invoice website of Goods and Service Tax to perform e-invoice-related activities. However, currently, only those taxpayers will able to register on the portal whose turnover is Rs. 500 crores.

image for https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in portal

How to open Einvoice1.gst.gov.in Website?

  1. Open your browser
  2. type https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/ and hit enter
  3. You will see the above home page of e invoice portal/website.

Thus, you can see various tabs to facilitate an electronic invoice portal. You may access any necessary link to perform the related activities on this portal.

EInvoice1.gst.gov.in portal Registration

In order to perform the activities on this website, you need to register yourself. Similarly, If you are already registered for GST and have your GSTIN then also you need to register on this site.

However, if you are already registered on the e way bill portal then you can use its username and password to log in to the e-invoicing portal.

Steps to Register on the E-Invoice1 portal

  • Open the E-invoice portal
  • Click on the ‘e-invoice Registration’ link under the registration option
  • Enter the GSTIN number
  • Fill in the Captcha Code
  • Click on Go. This will show the registration details as on the GST portal.
  • Check the details and click on Send OTP’ to get the OTP
  • Enter the OTP received on the mobile Registered on the GST portal.
  • On the next screen type in your user id and password as required.
  • After submitting these details, the system will validate the details provided.
  • You will see the success message.

EInvoice1 Portal Login

image for e invoice system login

If you have already e way bill portal username and password, you can use the same to log in on the e invoice website.

However, if you do not have a registration on e-way bill portal, you need to register yourself as in the above steps.

Thereafter, you can use the username and password to login to the e invoice system.

How to Log In?

  • Click on the login link
  • Enter the user name and password
  • Enter the Captcha code
  • Click on the Login button

The Dashboard of E-Invoice system

As soon as you log in to the system you will below the dashboard on your system.

image for e invoice portal dashboard

Thus, you can see the tabs like e invoice, MIS reports, user management updates, and e way bill on your dashboard. Click on the appropriate tab to perform the activity of your choice.

Facilities Available at einvoice1.gst.gov.in

Below are the list of facilities available on the einvoice1.gst.gov.in portal at pre-login and post-login.

Pre-Login Facilities

  • Home: Home is the front page of einvoice1.gst.gov.in
  • Law: Rules and notifications under the “Law” menu related to E-invoice generation.
  • Help: The help menu provides the facilities like a user manual, bulk einvoice generation, videos, and FAQ. It also provides links to various tools and downloads.
  • Search: With the help of a search facility the taxpayer can find taxpayers or their GSTIN. Also, it can be used to search other things like einvoice status of the taxpayer, verify signed invoices, pin-to-pin distance, and suvidha providers.
  • Contact us: This link provides the contact details for e-invoice-related queries.
  • Registration: The registration tab facilitates registering on the einvoice1.gst.gov.in portal. Similarly, the taxpayer can enable e-invoicing through this facility.
  • Login: The taxpayer can use the login button to enter the einvoice1.gst.gov.in

Post Login Facilities

  • E-Invoice: The einvoice menu contains submenus like Bulk upload, Print, and Cancel IRN.
    • Bulk upload: This feature can be used to generate multiple invoices in one go. Here the taxpayer has to download the excel tool, fill in the invoice details, generate the JSON file and upload it on the einvocie.gst.gov.in portal.
    • Print E-invoice: This feature allows the user to provide the e-invoice number and take the printout or download the pdf file of said invoice.
    • Cancel IRN: The user can cancel the IRN within the time limit given in the GST law.
  • MIS reports: The user can download the MIS reports related to e-invoice.
  • User Management: With the help of the user management tab, the taxpayer can create, delete, and update the users on the einvoice1.gst.gov.in portal for his/her registration.
  • API Registration: If you are already having an ERP system, you can integrate e-invoicing directly to your ERP system. In order to do this, you must make API registration by providing your static IP address.
  • Change password: Change your login password.
  • Update: This feature allows the user to update the business details by pulling them from the GST portal.
  • Eway bill: The e-way bill can be directly generated from the invoice portal. Thus, the taxpayer need not have to visit the e-way bill portal for the generation of such e-waybills.

Portal News updates

16.03.2021: The taxpayers can now download the List of GSTINs generating IRN, updated till 16.03.2021. The list can be downloaded by visiting https://einvoice1-trial.nic.in/Others/GSTINsGeneratingIRN. Similarly, taxpayers can generate e-invoices on a trial basis by visiting at https://einvoice1-trial.nic.in/Home/UserRegistration.

29.01.2021: Making entry of ship to details for export invoices has been enabled now. Similarly, permissions to sub-users can be granted for printing and generating e-invoices. Also, bulk print of e-invoices is made available in pdf format under MIS reports. Auto calculation of the distance from pin to pin is available now during e-way bill generation.

28.01.2021: Increase of Number of items limit from 10 to 20 items per invoice. Similarly, the user can keep 20 items pending for IRN generation. Reverse charge is enabled for B2b and SEZ supplies. Also, improvement has been made in printing e-invoice.

E-Invoice Portal Customer Care

Customer Care no. 1800-103-4786

Self-Service System: https://selfservice.gstsystem.in/

Queries on Legal and procedures: https://www.gstn.org.in/e-invoicing

General Q&A

What is E Invoice portal in GST?

It is an online portal to upload invoices and generate unique codes for Invoices under GST.

How do visit the website?

Type https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in in your browser to open the system.

Do I need to register again if already registered under GST?

Yes. If you have e way bill login then you can use the same to log in on this portal also without registering further.

Which mobile do I need for Registration?

You need to have mobile access to the one you have provided for GST registration on the GST portal.

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