WWW.GST.GOV.IN – An Official GST Portal of Government of India

The www.gst.gov.in is an official GST login portal of India under Goods and Service Tax. The GST portal is a single website to perform all activities related to GST in India. Thus, it includes GST registration, Filing GST Returns, GST payment, applying for a refund. Besides this, the taxpayer can see various other options on the Dashboard after login into www.gst.gov.in. Let us see below the features available on the GST portal website.

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About Online GST portal(www.gst.gov.in)

www.gst.gov.in is the official login website address of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India.  In other words, it is the GST login portal to do GST-related activities.  www.gst.gov.in website is used by the crores of taxpayers in India to pay the tax, file returns,s and perform other GST-related activities. 

You may also search by typing www.gst.gov.in in google and you will find it on the first page. The main function of the GST online portal is to serve as an online system to perform all online activities of Goods and Service Tax.

A taxpayer can log in to the GST portal on a desktop computer, laptop, tabs, and even on mobile.  The GST Portal site is responsive, therefore it fits perfectly on all screen sizes.  However, it can be best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution in Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome 49+, Firefox 45+, and Safari 6+.

System Requirements to Access www.gst.gov.in

The taxpayer accessing the GST Portal must have a desktop browser like Internet Explorer 10+/ Chrome 49+ or Firefox 45+. Besides the above on browser compatibility following should not be disabled:

  1. The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) – used to render User Interface look and feel of the portal. Thus, disabling this will not provide an appropriate user experience
  2. Further, JavaScript – used to provide enhanced user experience in using User Interface controls. Therefore, disabling this will not allow a user to perform any transaction in the portal.
  3. Lastly the Cookie – used to store personalized information of the user. Hence, disabling this will not allow the user to login and perform any transaction in the portal.

However, above all browser compatibility features come with the browser itself. you need to be only sure that you have not disabled any of the above features manually.

Front Picture of GST Website

image for www.gst.gov.in website login pic

Functions of the Main menu of GST portal

The front menu of the GST portal can be used to perform various activities without login into the GST portal.  The taxpayer needs to require GST login credentials to perform basic functions on the GST portal.  These Basic functions are:

1) Home

One can click on the Home button to return to the main page i.e gst.gov.in from anywhere on the portal.

2) Services

www gst gov in gst portal pic

Services tab provides services related To:

  • GST Registration,
  • GST payments,
  • User services
  • GST Refund related Status.

Registration Menu has further three sub menus:

a) New Registration: New Registration link allows a person to apply for GST Registration online.  A person can fill in the details and submit them for getting GST Registration Certificate.  You may click here to know GST registration online procedure

b)Track Application Status: This link helps a person to track his submitted application on the GST portal.  It facilitates a person to know whether his application is successfully processed or held up for any issues.

c) Application for filing clarifications: A person can use this link to seek any clarification on filing matters.

Payment Menu has two sub Links:

a) Create challan: With the help of this link, one can generate an online GST payment challan without login into the GST portal.

b) Track payment status: you can track your payment status by clicking this link.  It will show whether the payment from the bank to GST is transferred or not.

User services have five sub-links:

a)Holiday List: This will provide holiday lists for the center and state-wise too.

b)Grievance / Complaints: Taxpayers can submit the grievance for application, payments, and electronic ledger issues.  Also one can raise a complaint against the registered and unregistered person.

c)Locate GST Practitioner (GSTP):  you can see nearby GST practitioners in your area.

d)Search Office Addresses: This link will help you to search the address of nearby GST jurisdiction for your business.

e)Generate User Id for Advance Ruling:  This link for applying New Registration for Advance Ruling.

3) GST Law

GST law link provides all about official notifications, circulars, orders, etc.

4) Downloads

gst login www gst gov in pic

Download section offers to download offline tools to file GST Returns, ITC forms, and many other statutory reporting. 

Currently available offline tools are Returns offline Tools, Tran-1 Offline Tools, Tran-2 Offline Tools,  GSTR3B Offline Utility.

Further other offline tools like ITC01 Offline Tool, ITC03 Offline Tool, ITC04 Offline Tool, GST ARA 01 – Application for Advance Ruling, GSTR 4 Offline Tool,  GSTR 6 Offline Tool With Amendments, and GSTR 11 Offline Tool are also available.

Similarly, Annual Returns preparation tools like GSTR 9, GSTR 9A, and GSTR 9C are also available now on www.gst.gov.in.

5) Search Taxpayer

6) Help:

This section provides help related to registration, returns, refunds, and other various activities performed on GST Portal.

7) E way bill System:

This link is provided to redirect to the E-way bill portal to generate e way bill for the movement of goods from one place to another.  This has come into force from 01.4.2018 for the interstate movement of goods.  Also, it will be used for the intra-state movement of goods in all states of India.

www gst gov in gst website pic 2

On the other hand, the taxpayer can perform more activities after login into the GST portal, which he gets only after acceptance of the GST Registration application.

8. New Return Prototype

Demo of New GST Return is now available on the GST portal for Testing purposes. The government has recently announced its applicability through the press release. Read more about the new GST return and press release.

Facilities Available after login into GST portal

Dashboard of the www.gst.gov.in

Quick links are available on the dashboard like view notices and orders.  Also, you can view your profile, check the liability register and ledger balances. Here is the screenshot of the dashboard.

image of www.gst.gov.in dashboard

Services available at www.gst.gov.in

Below additional services are available after login at www.gst.gov.in

1.Registration Services: 

  • Amendment of Registration Core Fields
  • Amendment of Registration Non – Core Fields
  • Application to Opt for Composition Levy
  • Application for Withdrawal from Composition Levy
  • Stock intimation for opting Composition Levy
  • Application for Cancellation of Registration

2.Ledger Services: 

  • Cash Ledger
  • Credit Ledger
  • Liability Register
  • Payment towards demand

3. Returns

  • Returns Dashboard
  • Track Return Status
  • View e-Filed Returns
  • ITC Forms
  • Transition Forms

4. User Services

  • My Saved Applications
  • My Applications
  • View/Download Certificates
  • View Notices and Orders
  • View My Submissions
  • Feedback
  • Grievance / Complaints
  • Furnish Letter of Undertaking (LUT)
  • View My Submitted LUTs
  • Engage / Disengage GST Practitioner (GSTP)
  • ITC02-Pending for action
  • View Additional Notices/Orders

5. Refunds

  • Application for Refund
  • My Saved/Filed Applications
  • Track Application Status


GST Billing and Account Software: To download Free GST billing software navigate to Downloads > Accounting and Billing Software option. you can view this download option only after login into the GST portal.

image for free gst billing software

Recent GST Portal updates and New functionalities

1.Form GST REG – 14:

This Registration Amendment form facility is available now for UN bodies, embassies, and other notified persons.  With the help of this facility, they can make changes in core fields on the GST portal.

2.Form GST APL – 01:

The Taxpayer can now file an appeal to the first appellate authority against any decision or order passed against him.  Also, he needs to apply this online on the GST portal.

3.GSTR 2A Return

The GSTR 2A is now available to download in Excel format.  Therefore taxpayers can now reconcile their input tax credit availed with that uploaded by the respective suppliers on the GST portal.   Earlier it was available in JSON format only.

4. Final Return in Form 10

Return is available on the portal now.   The taxpayer needs to file this return within three months from the date of cancellation of registration.

5. GSTR 4 Online submission

Online Submission and creation of form GSTR 4 are now available on the GST portal.  In, case of nil liability, taxpayers will not have to fill up any information and can file a nil return.

6.De linking of Various Returns

De-linking of Form GSTR 6 with Form GSTR 1 & 5 is now available. Invoices will get auto-populate in GSTR 6A return on a real-time basis.  Also, the same changes are applicable to GSTR 5.  On the other hand, one can also download the latest offline utility for these changes.

7. Selection of GST practitioner

The taxpayer can now select a “GST practitioner” to prepare an appeal in form APL-01.  This is applicable if the taxpayer wants to file an appeal.

8. Appeal Against advance ruling

If the taxpayer is not happy with the decision given by the advance ruling authority(AAR), then now he can file an appeal against such authority.

9. Request for Rectification of mistakes by AAR

Yes, now you can send an online request to correct any mistakes in the rulings by an Advance authority.

10. Reply to Show cause notice(SCN)

Now you can reply to show cause notice If you receive it for compulsory withdrawal from the composition scheme.

11. Annual GST Returns

Annual Return GSTR 9, GSTR 9A, and GSTR 9C are now available on the GST portal. You may download GST offline tools in Excel from this page.

12. Changes in April 2020

The GSTN has made the Changes in the Registration Form for TCS Taxpayers and alerts for the composition scheme. You may read more about the latest functionalities from our GST portal new functionalities article.

Video of www.gst.gov.in Dashboard

The below is the official video of GSTN explaining the GST portal’s Return dashboard. Thus, you can check the video for a better understanding to navigate the return dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GST portal?

The GST portal is an online Goods and service Tax website provided by the Government of India. The GST portal is used by millions of taxpayers in India to perform various GST-related activities online.

How do I check my GST status?

If you are newly registered under GST In India then you can follow the GST pre-login steps to check your GST registration status.

However, if you are already registered and want to know the current status of your GST number then check out our GST number search article.

How do I log into GST with TRN?

Please check our article ” How to Login using Temporary Reference Number (TRN )” to know how to log into GST with TRN.

Can we use the ARN number instead of GST?

No. The ARN number is a temporary code created while enrolling for GST. Thus, the ARN number shall be used only to check the status of your GST registration application.

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  1. Sir/Madam, I have submitted an applcation for revocation of cancellation of my GST number. ARN: AA190319015403C/Dt, 09-03-2019.
    kindly let me know the status.
    Thanking you.

  2. Hello NDT
    I see Your application is pending for verification with officer. kindly contact your jurisdiction office for clarification.

  3. i am presently outside India and have been trying to login for making payment on line, but I have not been able to log in after many attempts. I can open e-way bill site but not gst.gov.in. Is there any restriction or there is any other reason

  4. Hello Mr. Raheja,
    First of all you must have valid GST registration to login into gst gov in website. secondly, e way bill portal has separate registration. Thus, you can not use e way bill login credentials to login into gst portal website.

  5. I am a registered GST member and I have been submitting the return regularly. Presently I am in Australia and I am unable to file the return as the GST webpage is not opening. Please let me know whether it is possible to file the GST returns from Australia.

    1. Yes, GST portal is accessible from anywhere in the world. please ensure that you access internet from static IP.

    2. Sir.. I have already get gst numbers but I don’t get my username and I’d password, because of our vle jurisdiction has not filled my e-mail id and not get my certificate

      1. Hello,

        Contact your jurisdiction and ask them to update your email id and phone number in the registration.


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