login: Official Website for e-payment & Reg. is an official website of the Maharashtra State Government. You can perform various GST and vat related activities after signing in at the mahagst login website. However, you can perform only limited activities related to GST on this portal. The activities include VAT e-payment, registration, download registration certificate, etc. Similarly, if you want to log in to the gst portal, you need to visit below Central government portal of GST.

image for mahagst login

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About Portal

The MAHAGST.GOV.IN website was launched for the benefit of the GST taxpayer based in Maharashtra state. This is an initiative taken under the digital India platform by the Maharashtra government for the taxpayer. Thus, taxpayers in Maharashtra can use the website or app for using the available e-services.

Registration at Mahagst Login

Learn how to make a registration of a New dealer at the Mahagst login website. A taxpayer can also make a TCS and TDS type of registration on Here are the steps for registration.

Time needed: 15 minutes

  1. Open the website

    This will display the home page of the website

  2. Scroll down the website and click on “Other Acts Registration”

  3. Click on “New Dealer Registration”

  4. Now click on New Registration under various acts

    The process list will display on the screen as to how to make the registration.

  5. Scroll down below till you see the “Next” button. Now Click on Next as shown below.

  6. Click on New Dealer >> Next

  7. Follow the Registration process that appears on the next screen.

How to Create Profile for New system?

1. You can create your profile by clicking on “Log in for e-services” and then by “Profile for Registered dealers” from the home page.

Note: Click on ‘Registered Active Dealer‘ if you have an active registration certificate under at least one of the acts administered by MSTD. If you have only an active registration certificate under PTEC and not under any of the other acts administered by MSTD then Please visit ‘’ and click on ‘New Dealer Registration’. Also, if your PAN is not allowed there for the creation of a temporary profile, then go through ‘Registered Dealer’.

Further, if your registration is not active or canceled, then you may click on “Registered In-Active / Cancelled Dealer” to follow the steps and create the profile.

2. Next step is to enter the below details and follow the next process to complete the profile creation.

profile creation

Profile Creation Issues and solutions

Q. 1 – Profile Activation Link is not received or doesn’t work:
Answer 1: All mails are in sent status from MGSTD. You will receive the link. If the link doesn’t work then click on the link received through the mail. Alternatively, you can copy the entire link correctly and paste it into the internet browser. This will resolve the issue.

Q. 2 – Mismatch of PAN & TIN combination

Answer 2: Enter your PAN and TIN correctly. If the PAN was not submitted earlier, now you can submit your PAN details to create your SAP User Id and Password.

Q. 3- Profile already exists in the system

Answer 3. If you get the above error, then use your existing user id and password and there is no need to create a profile again. However, If you have forgotten the password then use the functionality of resetting the password.

Q. 4- My Password doesn’t work:

Answer 4. If the password doesn’t work, then please clear your internet browser cache and try again. If you still face the password error, then use forgot password utility and reset the password by entering answers to security questions.

Q. 5- Can not Reset the Password

Answer 5. Follow the steps given to create the temporary password which needs to be replaced with your own existing Password.

Q. 6- I Forgot the Security Answers

Answer: 6

  • Make a call to the Helpdesk number 1800 225 900.
  • Take the new Service Request Ticket Number.
  • The system will send the temporary password on the e-mail Id given by you while raising the Service Request Ticket Number/registered e-mail Id.
  • You will be required to replace the temporary password with the password you want to use.

GST Login for Maharashtra State

Since is central govt. website for all the states, you need to visit this website. For eg., you need to register for GST through this website and thereafter you need to file GST returns also through this website only. You can not make GST registration and file returns on the maha gst gov in website.

Therefore, a taxpayer will find the register link on Thus, a taxpayer will get a user id and password after registration from the link given on

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What is the Maharashtra GST code?

The state code of Maharashtra State is 27. Therefore, the GST registration number of Maharashtra starts from digit 27. For eg. If x has made registration on the GST portal, his GST number will start from 27 and will look like this 27AABCC2947D1Z4.

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You may explore more features of this website by visiting the actual website.

How to make e-payments at

Follow the below steps to make the e-payments of CST and VAT related on the mahagst login website.

1. Visit the website at

2. Click on an e-payments tile

image for e payments on mahagst

3. Now select the appropriate option from the list as stated below.

  • e-Payment – Returns
  • Return/Order Dues
  • e-Payment – Assessment Order
  • PTEC OTPT Payment

4. Follow the online steps on the next window by entering the details.

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FAQ On Mahagst Login

What is e waybill Maharashtra gst site? is the website for generating e waybill.

What is the Maharashtra gst website? is the official website of the Maharashtra State govt.

How to download the Maharashtra gst act?

Go to website >> Acts & Rules >> Goods and Service Tax

How to make payment at the Maha GST website?

Go to >> E-payments >> Select type of payment

What is the Help Desk?

Call: 1800 225 900. You may also visit the website >> About us >> Click on “Contact us”

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