GST India LIst – 15 Things to do for GST – Before 1st July


GST India List – To Do List

Hello Friends, i just found this nice video on you tube about GST India list – 15 things To do before GST.  I believe it will definitely help you to get into GST from 01.07.2017.  If you have more questions regarding GST then you may read our FAQ section on this website.

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E-invoice IRP portal for GST

Open your browser and visit at https://Einvoice1.Gst.Gov.In for e-invoice registration. After, the registration you will able to generate an e-invoice under GST. more

What is New QRMP Scheme under GST?

The QRMP scheme is a Quarterly return filing and monthly payment scheme introduced by the government. more

How to Make payment under QRMP Scheme?

The taxpayer can make the payment in two ways. The first one is the Fixed Sum Method & and the second one is the Self-Assessment Method. more

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