Possible Solutions for the errors on the GST portal

Possible Solutions for the errors on the GST portal

Let us see what can be the solutions or possibilities to resolve the errors that pop out on the portal while filing your returns, making payments, generating challan, going through the registration process, and many more.

1)Type your query or copy the exact error message from the portal and paste it on google and open the relative website and you may find the solution there.

2)Secondly you may post your queries on GST forums/social groups and get the resolution of your issues.

3)Call the GST help desk number or write an email to them.

4)Contact your nearest GST Superintendent office, explain your issues.  If possible take your laptop with you to help explain it practically.

5)Get expert advice from past Central Excise/service tax consultants.  This will surely help because most of the rules and regulations are brought from Central Excise and Service Tax in the current GST system.   You may hire these consultants on case to case basis or discuss the fees for a period of time.  you may check the charges with one or more experts.

6)Last but not least if you do not find any solution anywhere write an official letter to the Superintendent of GST describing your problem and get the acknowledgment of the submitted letter.   This will support you in nearby future if you plan to go to court for waving your fines or penalties.

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  1. We are trying to upload json file for ITC04 return, but always it gives error of “Error in Json structure validation in GST ITC04 Return”

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