Transport union demands to bring petrol and diesel under GST


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This time too people have great expectations from the general budget. People want to rein in the rising prices of petrol and diesel in this budget, the state and central government will be allowed to tax in the transport sector. This will really bring good days, otherwise, inflation will continue to break the waist of the common people.

Fuel under the Net of GST

According to the National Transport Unions, fuel prices in India are highest in comparison to Asian countries. Due to this, the cost of freight goes up so much that it pays a huge impact on the pocket of the common people. Tax exemption by excise duty and state government will be allowed. Not only that, transport unions demand that petrol and diesel be brought under the purview of GST. This will benefit both the government and the drivers.

New ways for toll recovery

Motor unions said that the government should look at new ways of toll recovery. Fuel toll of Rs 1.44 lakh crore rupees annually ends in, by the way, the toll is being taken in the entire country. This leads to the loss of drivers. If the toll of the year is collected simultaneously, there will be neither traffic problems nor roads due to loss of fuel.

Infra on the road to be increased

Unions have also hoped to build better infrastructure on the roads from the budget. Union members say heavy taxes are collected from the drivers for road construction and facilities. But the drivers do not even get the basic amenities on the highways. Central Government should take steps to build better infrastructure along the roadside. The number of petrol pumps and diesel stations should also be increased.

Demand for bringing fuel to GST Balmalkit Singh, chairman of the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) core committee, said, “There are three hopes for the budget, the first fuel should be brought under GST, better infrastructure should be built on the other road and the third state and central government Taxes imposed in the transport sector should be cut.

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