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Customs and Postal Department jointly organized the first-ever joint summit through which the imports and exports can be streamlined through India Post. In order to facilitate SMEs and to promote the Make in India program, Indian Customs Proposes New procedure for Exports through India Post.

Exports through India Post

Indian Customs and Department of India Posts, organized the joint conference at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi today. Customs commissioners from all the states having foreign post offices (FPOs) were present with their equivalent postmaster general.

Import and export figures are at number 6 in CPGRAMS. Customs and Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) have worked together to liberalize, improve and align the relevant laws by importing the year. From 2016, e-commerce exports were allowed under EEIS incentives from the post office in Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Now, the customers may be able to advance the revised race by allowing all e-commerce exports through the FPO, but without the benefits of MEIS. One of the major obstacles in the postal system is the absence of business logistics companies that can offer online access to SMEs and global access to third parties, leaving postal logistics.

Customs India Post proposes new simplified procedures for exports, to meet SMEs and what will be increased in the Make In India program. In one of the progressive knocks, Amazon and DHL were invited to present the world’s best practices and to identify the problems faced by exporters in India. “According to a private sector perspective, it was a good idea to gather customs and positions to find solutions for the Reserve Bank of India,” said Dr. Pritam Banerjee, Director (DAHL), Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mr. Sunil Sahni said that improving infrastructure and postal service in the foreign post office. Increasing the ability to go beyond India in the division is a big project Can demonstrate the export potential of the quantity.

Custom Forces are designed to identify non-repressive technologies such as X-ray scanning for the release of goods. These measures are likely to control drug trafficking, from which over 300,000 disinfection tablets have been seized. To strengthen law enforcement, customs mail scans your airport at the customs duty to identify suspected conspiracy and goods.

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