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Find below the list of 100+ GST Questions and Answers. Top questionnaire for interview and other general purpose. This answers will be helpful for you if you are answering any exams for GST. Similarly, these answers are very helpful even for the taxpayers. Thus, after reading these answers you will be very much expert on GST. Here is the set of questions and answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gst rate on a movie ticket?

The GST rate on a movie ticket is 18% up to Rs 100 and 28% for tickets that cost more than Rs 100.

What is state code for gst?

Each Indian state has got a unique state code for GST. You can find the complete state code list by clicking on the link.

What are GST council meeting rates?

There are many instances when the GST council has changed the GST Rates. You can view meeting wise decisions where GST rates revised.

What is the full form of GST in Hindi?

The full form of GST in Hindi is “सामान और सेवा कर”. जीएसटी एक व्यापक अप्रत्यक्ष कर प्रभार है, जो कि राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर वस्तुओं के निर्माण, बिक्री और उपभोग पर आधारित है।

India mein gst kab lagu hua tha?

India mein GST 01 जुलाई 2017 mein lagu hua tha.

What are the decisions of a GST council meeting on composition scheme?

There are various decisions taken by the GST council on composition scheme regularly. Here is the list of updates on the composition scheme.

What is job work under GST?

Job work is a process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered taxable person. Read more about job work here.

What is the place of supply in gst?

The place of supply is the place where the goods are delivered by the supplier to the recipient. However, if there is no movement of goods and the place of supply will be the location of such goods at the time of delivery. You may refer Q.4 salient features of GST law for more details.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GST?

The GST in India has abolished multiple types of taxes on Goods and Services. Read more advantages and disadvantages here.

What is exempt from GST?

Goods like Coconuts, fresh or dried, whether or not shelled or peeled are exempt from GST. There are many other goods and services exempted from Tax.

What is the GST due date of extension for GSTR 9?

The GST due date of extension for GSTR 9 Return is 30.11.2019 for FY 2017-18. You may read more details at

What are the major decisions of the 28th GST council meeting?

In 28th GST Council meeting various GST rates have been reduced from 28% to 18%, 28% to 12% and 12% to 5%. Read more decisions at

What decision is taken in a gst council meeting for under construction?

The 33rd GST council meeting recommended lowering the GST rate @1% for affordable houses and 5% for nonaffordable for construction of houses.

What are the major pros and cons of GST?

According to a few experts and economist GST in India will impact the real estate business in the country. Buying a new house may get costlier. Read more at

What are the updates of GST Council meeting today?

The latest updates of today’s GST council meeting can be found on the home page of GST India News. You may refer GST council meeting dates here.

What are deemed exports under GST?

The “Deemed Exports” refers to supplies of goods manufactured in India which are notified as deemed exports under Section 147 of the CGST/SGST Act, 2017. Here, the supplies do not leave out of India.
Similarly, the payment for such supplies is received either in Indian rupees or in convertible foreign exchange currency.

What is the date of the GST council meeting held on February 2019?

The 33rd GST Council Meeting held on 20th February 2019. Here are the decisions list

Who is the brand ambassador of GST?

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of the GST in India for 2019.

What is section 17 5 of GST About?

Section 17 5 of GST describes the list of the ineligible input tax credit on goods and services under GST.

What are the decisions of the 31st gst council meeting?

The decisions of the 31st GST council meeting includes revision of Rates of Goods From 28% to 18%, 18% to 5%, etc. and exemption from a few items. Read more at

Where can I find GST News in Hindi?

You can visit GST India News home page to see the latest GST News and updates. You can translate their English articles into Hindi by using google translator.

How to know your GST In?

Enter your PAN number to know your GST In on GST portal. First Go to website > Click on search taxpayer> Search by PAN.

How to search GST no by a PAN?

Visit portal > Click on search taxpayer tab > Search by PAN. Enter PAN no and you will get the result.

Is GST on advance payment applicable?

The GST on advance payment received is not applicable to the supply of Goods.

What is the difference between vat and gst?

The full form of VAT is value-added Tax. Generally, VAT is levied or charged by the State government on the supply of goods.

Whereas, GST is a Goods and Service Tax, which is charged on the supply of goods and services supplied. The GST is collected by the Central Government and then it is shared with the State Government.

Show me the GST Reverse charge list?

The GST Reverse charge list is very big. Hence, you can see the complete list at

How to download GST audit report format?

You can download the GST audit report format by visiting the link at

Show me the SAC code for GST?

You can find the complete list of SAC code for GST at

What are the decisions of 32 GST council meeting?

You can find the complete list of the decisions of 32 GST council meeting at

What is section 51 of GST?

Section 51 of GST deals with Tax deduction at source. Click here to read section 51

How to download emsigner for gst website?

It is very easy to download emsigner for GST website. You can visit to see step by step guide for downloading emsigner.

What is Input tax credit on capital goods under gst?

The Input tax credit on capital goods under GST means the taxpayer can avail input tax credit on plant and machinery purchased for business purpose.

What are the conditions for availing input tax credit on Capital Goods?

You can find the list of conditions at

Who is the chairman of gst council?

The union finance minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman is the chairman of GST council as on 033.09.2019.

Is it true that gst on good morning messages is charged?

No. This is fake news circulated on Social media. There is no such rule under GST.

What gst state code 27?

The GST state code 27 is assigned to Maharashtra.

How to resolve DSC error in gst?

You can find here the full step by step guide to resolve DSC error at

Which was the first country to implement gst?

France was the first country to implement VAT in 1954. Currently, there are more then 160 countries have implemented GST/VAT in some or other form.

What is blocked credit under gst?

The blocked credit under GST is where taxpayers are not allowed to take an input tax credit on certain type of services or goods. Find complete list at

What is the full form ITC in GST?

The full form of ITC in GST is “Input Tax credit “.

How to download gst movie for free?

There is no movie as such on GST. However, there are many videos of GST in India. You can view them at

How to change bank account in gst portal?

You can change Bank account details by filing a non-core amendment application in GST portal.

What is GST HSN code for T shirts?

The HSN code for T-shirts, Singlets and other vests, knitted or crocheted are as follows:
6109 10 00 – Cotton made
6109 90 00 – Of other textile materials
6109 90 10 – Of synthetic fibres
6109 90 20 – Of artificial fibres
6109 90 30 – Of silk
6109 90 40 – Of wool or fine animal hair

Is gst site working today?

You can visit to check the status of site.

How to download LUT from gst portal?

1. Visit
2. Click on Services > View my submitted LUTs
3. Select the date range of application made
4. Once the form is displayed, you can click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the LUT.

Is this applicable for gst quiz questions and answers?

Yes, you can refer these questions for GST Quiz and answers.

What are the gst benefits to the common man?

Since GST is one nation one tax, the common man benefits in many ways as compared to the previous tax system. For eg. GST registration is completely online and thus it is free. Therefore, even a common can afford to take GST registration and start the business.
On another hand, the prices of many items have come down due to a single tax system.

How to know your jurisdiction under GST?

  1. Visit

  2. Click Services

  3. Click on “Know your jurisdiction”

  4. Select your state from the list.

  5. Choose the Division

  6. Select your range office

  7. you will see all localities falling under that range for your business.

    You may find more details at

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